东方彧卿 is the pavilion master of the Pavilion of Strange Decay, or 异朽阁主. He is also the Grand Scholar of 蜀国. He is smart and studious.

He dislikes the Five Immortals, excluding 东华, because when he was young they killed his father, the former pavilion master. His life was spent on finding ways to get revenge for his father. When he finally found 白子画’s fated calamity, 花千骨, he focused on aiding her to his side just to see 白子画’s destruction. Because no one knew his identity as 异朽君, no one suspected him except for 白子画, who knew he was up to something.

The only flaw in his plan was that he didn’t expect 花千骨 to be so kind and caring, and ends up falling in love with her. Knowing that she loves 白子画, he couldn’t harm him because he knows it will make her very worried.

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