花千骨, or The Journey of Flower, is a xianxia drama series based on the book of the same name by Fresh果果. It is based on Taoist legends.

The series tells the story of a young girl, 花千骨, who enters the immortal sect, 長留, in search of an old friend, who happens to be the superior immortal 白子画.

Summary Edit

花千骨 is a young girl born as 女媧’s last descendant. She was born with a scent that attracts demons and bad events. When she was born, her mother died and the flowers wilted. Sensing something was happening, the sect leader of 蜀山, Taoist 清虚, rushed down the mountain. He protected the home with an enchantment, ordering the dad to take the child up to 蜀山 to be mentored when she turns sixteen. Right before he leaves, he names the baby 花千骨, meaning “a thousand flower bones,” because the flowers wilted when she was born.

Because she was born with unlucky circumstances, she was naturally feared and despised by the other villagers. She stayed outside the village with her father in a small wooden hut. But at sixteen years old, her father passed away, and the doctor was killed by a demon. The young girl was blamed for the doctor’s death. Fortunately, she was saved by a man named 墨冰, who is actually 白子画 in disguise. He stayed with her for three days before leaving in the middle of the night without notice. He also wiped her memory of him, but because of her unusual nature, she was only unable to remember his face.

Songs Edit

歌名 Song Name Singer Additional Notes
不可说 Cannot Say Wallace Huo &

Zanilia Zhao

Ending Theme
心之火 Fire of the Heart Julia Peng & F.I.R. Opening Theme
年轮 Annual Ring Zhang Bichen
千古 Throughout All Ages Xu Song Originally sang by Alan

Dawa Dolma

Opening Theme

地老天荒 End of Time Andy Zhang
是夜 The Night Mao Fangyuan
恋人心 Lover’s Heart Wei Xinyu Originally going to appear

in the show, but was cut.

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