霓漫天 is an antagonist in the series 花千骨. Her father, 霓千丈, is the former sect leader of 蓬莱岛, or Penglai Island. She is a disciple of 落十一, the grand disciple of 摩严, former princess and eventual sect leader of 蓬莱. In the drama version, she loves her fellow disciple of 落十一, 朔风. In the book version, she is in love with her teacher, 落十一, and is jealous that 糖宝 won his heart instead.

霓漫天 wanted to become 落十一’s disciple in the book. However, in the drama she wanted to become the disciple of 白子画. She became jealous of 花千骨 when 白子画 chose her, and tried many times to get rid of her from 长留, even going as far as colluding with a spy from the 七杀 faction.

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